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   I thought such a life in less than 3 days, static will find oursurprise, one-off is 2 months. Static seems to understand me "busywork" for the morning to evening's husband commonplace. Weekend, Ialso Qupei children, Saturday night was also slept her, evencasually returned home Sunday with a "playing cards late, sleepingin the XX was" reason to pass the quiet, she did not rebuke me. Isit static already know, but would not say broken, deliberately dumbto maintain the marriage?

I was quiet sad. Take and child than feeling that hot, I really donot know and static cool life is not love. However, the mostdisappointed天龙八部私服发布网长久服 in my quiet time, to save me. I am grateful,, but also do not want to hurther. Static is to marry me before I start a company, even thoughbusiness was good, and the living conditions have never ill-treatedher, I Zaokangzhiqi can be regarded as static. If the static isreally dumb, so she has done for our marriage, sacrifices andsuffered grievances, but also my life can not compensate for. Stillmother, I am tolerant. The children, like my child.

did not ask me to see Jing Wei situation. Did not find my "affair."Monday at work, in addition to distribution, wages and I have takenthe cash flow out to the quiet. This, in addition to companies, andothers have been quiet all of the property are in the hands of.We're just waiting unmasked, I did not, and purification out ofhouseholds can be regarded as compensation for static. Lunch,dinner, in addition to entertaining, I will, and children eattogether. I have lingering into the night with her 11 points tocoax children to sleep and we have to go home. Of course, childrendo not fall asleep, and she fell asleep only to make a look. Everytime the door looking back, can see the children light up the roomagain.

children, than the quiet before, but now has become secretive thirdparty. Really uncomfortable. This parting damn uncomfortable. Ieven have the impulse immediately and static showdown.

I want to go home, and child dead, insisted send me. But also theshameless that send me out a good result followed the car has beensent to the front of my house. Children did not dare go in, sittingin a taxi, the eagerly's looking at me to step into a back's.

we look at TV, one offering of a fried shrimp dish their own. SongHye Kyo to see out the side of his mouth, child excited shrimpwhile lisp's inviting me: "Look, I said I slim down as she it, youdo not the letter, and now feel l看着天龙八部私服发布网Afterike?"

I say that we would meet with Viagra and static, so full of lifeand child for two days. We are holding hands to the supermarket, Iget a snack bags, Tong also secretly throwing out bags of snacks.We go to the cinema to see movies, I have the opportunity to stealthe seat touching a child under two. We went clubbing, I order thatchildren are not allowed to wear too exposed. We are sleeping too,woke up with child slept, will be sitting next to his hand strokedmy face, eyes bright red of. "I can not sleep, would like to seeyou, multi-touch you." I have a tear come to her: "Good poignantah. Unfortunately, we still have a lifetime together, so poignantand so wasted ... ..."

we are infants, two-year stop growing baby.

We are a pair of conjoined twins.

such a good chance, how willing to cheaper vegetables, and I getinto their own tongue.

children still do not speak, a brilliant smile. A meat dish, "tryhow taste like\

"Do not come, well-behaved, wait for the next oil splashed on yourface how to 天龙八部私服内测看看udo? it disfigured, and not the United States and theUnited States has."

standing room had been living for three years, I took spatula,thousands of emotion. Children come from my armpit drill head,hands, arm around my waist, looked at I do not speak agiggle.

"Really?" Children from my chest up some head, lowers asked.

"children, I guarantee you will no longer be bullied. I guaranteethat will not let you be painful."

I hand hooks her back, she leaned against my chest.

child suddenly does not laugh, cry out. "You are bad ... ... youalways bully me so suddenly that my heart throats, then I say dropto ... ..."

She was pleased to laugh, and rush over, naughty sitting on myshoulders with a small XXXXX pressed my stomach. "You're bad, youbad, ... ..."

child open his eyes wide, "Really, do not deceive me?" I'm noddinghis head.

"Do not want your hands, I do it for you to eat." I opened thesuccess of her first joke.

children face Sudden. But she try to hold his, barely a smile,said: "let us forget."

"No." I says,,defiantly.

children woke up 伸了个懒腰. "Sleep good incense. Wow, days are dark?You're not here to eat, refrigerator with clean vegetables, I wentto fry fry on the lisbreakingt."

better so continue until the static was found, I do not open, thestatic will naturally ask for a divorce. Static character I know. Ieven can imagine how cool that she signed a divorce agreement. Ilove children, more than static. There is no way this approach isclearly biased towards children. Quiet mind so delicate, less thanthree days will find. Perhaps, today we should go back to ashowdown.

until the child woke up, I did not find a way. Less so to continue.Dreaming.

can be static how do? To her for a divorce? Static nothing wrong, Iwould not say. Not get a divorce? Never mind that static will havenoticed, even if she can Manzhu, but also I'm sorry boy.

and child going through so many things, broke up after dating forthree years plus two years, five years time we fell in love like afifty years for so long. Not the child's persistence, I do not knowdo not boil boil for about five months? In any case no longer leav学习pethe child, unless she wanted someone else.

At this point, I would rather not sleep. And child passion, the armaround children, but brings to mind quiet.

child like a child, curled up in my arms, arm around my waist andfall asleep. Tong said that his one person, only a few hours sleep.Bright light, sleep, sound, noisy sleep, a little their minds couldnot sleep. And I together, regardless of day and night, canXiangxiang sleeping more. "Because you gave me a sense of security,lying on your side, as if anything do not have to think about."Tong was done and one of my favorite moves: wrinkled nose line andthe mouth.

even did not forget, you can pretend to see.

love a person, you can forget everything.

love a person can be all-inclusive.

turned out true love one person, can be nothing mind.

In fact, I said to myself, and lack of confidence. Wei Tong saidthat in listening every time down on her an hour later, she saidthat in listening to other men to strip the face of it, I thoughtit would not work. Previously envisaged to know if the child hasexperienced another man, he would be in any mood. Xinrudaojiao, itis difficult to face. But when they do occur, the body was veryexcited to tell their own, no, is acceptable. I am completelyshocked by their own.

Of course, let you pregnant.

boy stared at me, "Really?"

We will also have children, called San Mao. Oh, it was not, and awriter with the same name it?

"But it do事实上天龙八部私服门派es not matter, anyway, this would not have anotheropportunity in the scar of."

No, not at all.

"is not difficult to see?"

"This is our son out of place. he can gnaw at me, insisted brokeopen the stomach before they agree to come out. Like you, I am mostadept at torture." I opened his eyes, kiss up.

my child's clothes off, and she obediently, like only a smallrabbit with me the same mercy. In the last piece of clothing off,the boy grabbed my hand, let me close your eyes. She guided mysmooth skin touched, the same as above, there are centipedes XXXXXundulating rough texture.

"This is my experience of the past two years,, all the end. We have notanything to do in between the two ... ..." I mouth shut boy'stongue, sudden attacks on her could not speak, face up with eyes .Children staring, but also as clear as two years ago. Just that wastears clean.

boy took a deep breath and slowly relaxed.

Viagra lose that anyway, emotionally, and could not afford to loseagain and finally t学习phat even hundreds of thousands are not willingto let go, and always have to change a sure way to come back.Viagra is saving, not spending habit, he is liked to keep all themoney, suriko write his name, watching the heart on thecomfortable, having peace of mind. Was developed to moneylaundering, corruption and to set convergence of wealth. Whaler mycompany's money, think it is to win back the face; Public SecurityBureau that he take the money and feel that everybody higher thanhis former colleagues to win back their dignity. You know, when hewas arrested, account how much money do? 7 million.

I nodded.

Wei bumbling come and save me. He asked you took 100,000 bar,saying it was to save me.

tightly grabbed my child, tight to my flesh Guzhe her bones. Ireally want to put your carved into my body. How can I blame you itagain.

you have to say I was too self-willed, is not it? If I Ren Ren-wei,less capricious, and vindictive to harm him, he does not regard tomaking these things. But every time he pressed me for an hour, asworse than death, good unbearable ah. Every time that an hour, I donot know how many times to me其实好天龙私服私服ditation: Where are you? What are youdoing? How do you not rescue children, sick children well ... ah... boy cried out again.

heard I could not believe the fact that, frowning, shaking hishead. This action so that children thought I was angry, and quicklyshook my hand.

boy shook his head. You are wrong. Viagra has been XXXXX not thatyou know that Viagra has. He knows that we meet, for fear we arecomposite, then wrote a letter to prosecution. That letter wassealed Report Viagra written.

I hugged children, Fukai her forehe看着发布ad hair, pretending to berelaxed, said: "The company also stumbled quite accidentally intothe jail make you free. This is the blessing in disguise."

a bit like a husband caught his wife sell heavy rain, there is noblame, but agreed, but the proceeds are handed over to their ownMY, I, and Wei is this pathological relationship. Ins and Outs to Iwas arrested before the company's profit of 3.6 million, hasgradually taken away by him. I-wei, said he took the whole can, butthere is a requirement, that is, to bring it to you as part ofdoing business.

Since then, the advertising company profitable every penny, were onthe Wei to his own account. Through his economic access, to balancethe emotional loss. He winked at me to someone else sexual bribery,and then their own benefit.

who loved a bone-deep, but also sad to despair, it will turn, didnot chang天龙八部私服门派e body and soul, is it? I know that Viagra is really forme, I know he did not apart from short Which will lead to bad, butI was right he did not love, how should I do? I know that such ananswer is definitely a deeper stabbed Viagra can be when I do notmind, numb. In addition to you, to anyone numb. In addition to, andyou about things, any things I could not get interested in.

Wei spit words: "You're toxic! you take me for what? idiot? whywould anyone want to stay with me?" just because you are hisbuddies. I replied-wai.

child sighed. Viagra is one such, the more the heart has its ownchip on the more repression, if not so depressed, his mind will beable to moderate some, you will not be subsequently brokeout.

From then on, I go astray, and I learned what a man habit, like toplay any tricks, went to meet; I first learned to undress ourweakness - and those who miss the graceful figure compared with, sothat you can actually preservation of their own. Wei on the thingsthat I heard, he could not believe, asked me - when he had beenpsychologically unbalanced to begin with brutality me. I am alsodisgusted with him, so lie and say that, yes, I have slept in eachof its customers. Wei Raising the hand to hit me, but the finalshape into a fist, bitter smashing the windows, the flow ofbleeding.

children closer to my body, my face next to me, and squeezed out asmile. The laughter had not before, it is genuine mountain flowersbloom.

child's face wearing tear, but also to make advertisement 你看promiscuousof theaction, trying desperately to amuse me laugh. How could I not seen,it is quiet to see every day, chasing the "Xiaozhuangmishi" titlesequence for advertising. Just that, Who would have thought, backon TV that thin would be my favorite, was three years I am aw看看天龙八部私服发布网官服oman's body!

Natiao advertising, models also make their own, without showing hisface, only one shot back, so I earned a full 110,000. Natiao a yearago, every day is a cable rolling broadcast of "Ya Ya Bao Bao, washaway dirt, grease, dandruff, leaving only smoothness in mindbetween" ads do you read? That three-second close-up of the back isme.

I was not very cheap? Also cheap compared with cooking chicken? Ibegged him to such a cheap,, but that boss is pushingme,, saying: "go, go,see you then no mood Road scars." Possible, it reminded him of hishome wife of the bar. Wood's wearing my shirt, thinking, thinkingthey have the capital, attractive, had been reduced to a strip ofclothing, men are not interested in live with it. After a week,never to find other bus天龙八部私服畅易阁iness. I can only go back to look for Shundefarmers. Before going specifically to the most red cards Miss XXXXXDai Lege first introduced. In this way, finally Gao Ding.

But you know, I stood naked humiliating to him, he even said: "Theparade! you had a baby's! I see you build a good thought andtender, engaging in a half-day has had a baby, then I might as wellhold their wives to go home. "He saw I was born and our son'spregnant? pattern, I did not right mood, and the zipper way oranother, started to leave. I am naked, run in the past embraced, hesaid, mister, do not go, I will a lot of posture, though had a babymay be following a very tight, and you give a chance to try it.Tong choke with sobs. My throat is hoarse cry.

"Now you always say that I am heavy rain chaos, is not thinkingabout how much I am going to a single, just how many men slept in?I did not. If this is a piece of clothing off, I will be able tochange a single, then better. Shunde farmer took me to theconference room, behind closed doors and windows, sitting in XXXXXstage, asked me to take off their clothes. I stood before him, hewatched, with a one off. Do you remember, with you for three years,every time you turn on the lights I do not want to do, and havebeen embarrassed in front of you naked, now, I have to in an almoststrange, squat in front of men take the initiative to strip naked."Kid's reduction for the next tears, sneered.

"I have to say. do not say, perhaps you will say that I am alifetime heavy rain chaos." Tong, really not to mention, you天龙八部私服怀旧服 say aword, as in the cut me a piece of meat, the more I know, all is myvictims. I am the least qualified to say that heavy rain chaoschild who happens but I said pointing to her nose.

"Stop, children, let alone, I beg you not to mention the ... ..." Ihave my face buried in the boy's heart, and tears drenched her hisbreast. I knew that she would deal with the 100,000 yuan is howphysical injuries. I do not listen to any more.

I've slept with Viagra, and even if you later divorce, would nolonger be accepted by me, then I sleep and sleep 10 What adifference? Moreover, it can rely on him to make money. Previously,a man touched me while I was drunk on the back, you are angry; ago,I chat with on the bubble and the strange man, you'll want me to dothree days to review, let alone go to bed with someone else then?Anyway, I have not head back to the.

I wood forward to considering a bit.

is no wonder that Viagra that are now earning good money, I thoughtI had talent, so soon find customers, and had not so good thing todo, have a price.

"You install a small sample, out of advertising woman, which noadditional services? I tell you, I face this is for you, the lasthave a woman, have their own room a good start, and asked me to go,But I suspected she was a long dark and dry, did not go to. YouWell, do to the face and no sense of shame, unwilling to roll!"

I vaguely feel that bad, mister eyes wrong.

"has been watched more than you, but also how the Model?"

"You look at the demonstration."

"It can be exposed to the waist." I said as he gestures tohim.

"just shot back ... ... That could be exposed to whichlocation?"

I said that costs can be guaranteed to be the lowest, but the modelXXXXX 对比一下天龙八部私服怀旧服天龙八部私服发布网can not do, even if I shoot, and TV stations will be banned.Unless it just shot back. I was in his heart the name of a small99, only to burp, do not have to look for professional models, andcertainly be able to minimize costs.

the company's boss, is a farmer Shunde, the typical upstart. Andcost of ad copy I showed him, he pushed, lack of interest. "Tobeauty, body good, XXXXX, with my shampoo shampoo. As forproduction costs, I do not care how much you earn can quote it mustbe a minimum, if a person reported lower than you, you do not needyour shot."

During that time, I am holding yellow pages every day to call, faxto the early morning, hoping to receive more business. I found anewly opened Japanese-based companies, they have to shoot 10seconds of the commercials. Forget what may be a net profit ofhundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands, the agent will beable to solve your financial problems.

天龙八部私服怀旧服smaller, more suspicious, always afraid that I give you moneywithout permission and began to monitor me, and check the company'saccount, whenever they threatened to go back to the company. I hadto start looking for other businesses in the hope of footballoperations without relying on his money, so that you can right andproper to put the money to you.

Wei refused. He absolutely refused to 30,000 yuan Na Quji you. TheWei and I never once said, had known, I would not hold thiscompany. I am not worthy of his pay. Since then, Viagra has becomegas

"Do you think that money is now v相比看promiscuousery easy is not it? is not aKentucky Fried Chicken ad director's son in my hands made a case,he would give you this business to do? order to allow the releaseof his son's innocence, you know how I do ? I changed the officelate at night sneak statements! you know what are afterthe consequencesif found to do? not only lose the work, I would like to jail! youknow I'll give you how to open the company's capital is here? is mybitter Cincinnati save for a few years suffered from the salariesof civil servants out of the past month where every month! you knowwhat save money is used? Yes, I am going to use a wife! "

to allow me to work with a new life, come up with sixty thousandViagra money, gave me a small advertising company. And to use therelationship to the Kentucky football a promotions business, t天龙八部私服发布网houghsmall, it can be a stable revenue more than 1 month. He also hateme. I heard you want to talk about Viagra inadvertently flavoragents, but are short of money, put earned more than 30,000full-proposed, so that Viagra forwarded to you. Wei qi face waswhite.

he loves me.

I crazy for this man, Viagra because of me XXXXX. Viagra soft fromthe start of forced induction into the semi-final and completerelease, completed by the love and affection for me to hateprocess.

In fact, I wai, are similar: I love one has been to break up,married men; while he has never been in love with a woman who doesnot love him.

Wei of strength, how he suffered by a loved one every day, beingignored, so unbalanced, and slowly accumulates to XXXXX, from thelove changed to hate.

Wei started off my clothes. I seem to have been split personalityis cold, he looked at my clothes off, like off someone else'sclothes. Wei whole spent an hour inside before. It turned out thatnot everyone can be separated from Xing Huai. I do not like theface of a person, not even the original desire at all. Perhaps Idid wrong, from the very beginning, I have intimacy of Viagra, notfor anything else, just because he is your buddy. With him, I feelclose to you a little. Viagra is the love of my attachment toattract, but once real and my life,,which has become his most intolerable can not, because I am notclinging love him, bu看着2018天龙八部私服公益服t you are. I speak, I cried, I laugh becauseof you, it gave him the feeling he was just living in the shadow ofthe person you are.

that true?

"Yes. never come back. you and me Well, I will not let you be hurtso much, I will help you heal."

Then I started over and over again, Xianglinsao like to tell him.Viagra a cling to me, "boy, you do so, so I looked at heart reallyhurts you. Wake up, he married, will never come back." Really nevercome back it?

"I want to hear, but the process of listening to really kinds oftorture."

I asked Wei.

Really? Then you do like to hear?

"start with you telling me the things you and him, I fell in lovewith you. I hate why I have touched, so lovestruck girl. The moreyou tell me how you love him, the more I love you. "

"I love you." 天龙八部私服发布网最新开服Wei said.

Later Wei emerged. Every day he guarded me, and accompany me tospeak, feed me for dinner, and advised me not to give up onthemselves.

, as agreed, "husband" when asked for a divorce, but I could notget the money. Count me out of the relationship betweenparents, it is impossible to borrow them, and he is no savings. Ihave proposed installment, "husband" would not agree, shortness ofbreath, send the copy of the contract signed by the school.Therefore, dismissal. But does not matter, anyway when I have got aserious case of depression, can not get lessons every day reductionin the room, not to go out, not eating, not sleeping. At that time,I lost a few catties 20.

Now, God had him taken away. This time, do not k看看breakingnow what would letme anew?

also the last hope.

a child gave me hope.

a child Let me take heart.

baby is dead, I want to die. We wanted to die, or want to die. I donot think there is any hope of life. I do not think God has anymercy for me. Possible, such a wayward child, even God was angry,and can not stand, but also like you, have you forsaken me. Huaizhebaby's time to stroll every day children's clothing store, take alook at child-rearing books, doing the prenatal education, ther发布e isno change to your life have enriched themselves. And you break up,but seems to have been not so sore.

birth of a child less than a week, we found that cardiopulmonarycongenital deficiencies. All because I am self-willed, when youwere pregnant not do checks, gynecological problems brought about.I pray to the doctors to save the child, but, useless, stay up 17days of when the baby died.

on television are not always such a speech to do? But that is justTV after all.

I was like possessed by the Devil, what are listening. In additionto the phrase my mother tell Dad - "blind person can see that thatis who Niezhong." I am pleased that parents can be a sight out ofthat future, I take the kids that touch you, you can be usure that arecognize their own children to, right? I should not read so manyromance films, silly wait senselessly and believe that, even if youare married, as long as one day after the birth of your child knowthat I am, or will it recognize that we ran.

Dad said to me, boy, you are too self-willed too disobedient, andthat your tragedy, is self-inflicted. He finished Bieguo Lian go tocry. My dad What is the character, you know, all day laughing andjoking, age also like a lot of fun. But he, even in front of myface and cried.

My mother has always been in the hospital with me producing. Butwhen a doctor to a mother watching her chi听说2017天龙八部私服发布网开服表ld, she stayed, and thenran out of the hospital, and I never said a word, until now aswell. Later, Dad told me that because the child's mother saw themoment, anything to understand. A child with you is carved out of amold, single fold, meat nose, thick ear lobe. One can tell, thischild is definitely not me you are "husband" of the.

children patted me on the shoulder, "These are all gone, all right,do not cry, you have a cry, and I have no idea." Tong went so faras, in turn comfort me.

I cried bitterly.

When the doctor holds the child to me and said: "Yes son, 7 pounds82\You're not always cheaper in the future do not want a son ratherthan daughter, do you want? If you were in the next will be veryhappy. I very much personally te学会天龙八部ll you, really, I will give yougave birth to a son.

really hurt, hurt to a later cut hands and legs falls such a thingwas not aware that pain. To shore, be sure to raise my childrenborn, brought to him. I was producing bed, must rely on this beliefpersevered.

the beginning of each, and you do * love when you are too thick,get my pain, do you remember that you still scare me, saying that Ihave ham and out painlessly, then want to have children, the firstthere ball so much, would not want to Tengsi do?

child was born out of, toss me half to death.

I was headstrong enough, right? Because I am self-willed, forcheck-ups are not to be examined, I'm afraid gynecological diseaseaffects children and an unhealthy fear of doctors said the child,for fear someone advised me not to the child. I could not even myparents both were cheated, I cheated they would have, and this "onbehalf of her husband" Well on the child was his.

I decided to make sure this child was born. Very strict schoolmanagement, unmarried children, and certainly not work. To avoidsuspicions,, I post messages on the Interneteverywhere to seek the User fake marriages, when the child's fatheron behalf of the name. The results really have given me. Viagra isthat you have seen photos of the man. Of course, there is no XXXXXlunch, he wanted 50,000学会天龙八部私服发布网开服 yuan of money. He is not what Dr.returnees. I do not want you to see a slight compiled.

I am very self-willed, you do not always say me? If then, I do notlike self-willed, go to the hospital abortion, my life may not beso ... so ... ... ... gloomy. I very much want to have children,you know. No, I am afraid not in this life might have on thepregnant. And, most importantly, no chance in this life pregnantwith your child.

child suck on the nose, take a deep breath, grabbed my tremblinghands.

At that time, I feel that the heavens. Have nothing. What effortshave played do not have. I imagined many times complex andthoroughly become impossible. You get married, is real and I brokeup.

I am discredited, the answer child.

to four months time, Wei told me that you are married. This is atrue or a lie is the Weisa, you really broke up four months beforegetting married?

Later, I learned that he has been like my time. Should be and thisis why he is cheating on you, but also to deceive me.

I did not give up no less than pulling face. I think you are todeath, but also do not want to be you despise. Woman, how has thenerve to find the men take the initiative each time it? So I lookfor Viagra, asking him to tell you, I want to get married.

possible, you really do not love me.

possible, you are waiting for me to call?

However, It took more than two months, you had never come tome.

This is the only time, I am not afraid You say you want break up. Ismirk the sake of: breaking up? You can not escape my Fingers, Ihave a gynecological diseases are so hard to conceive so I waspregnant, just like the last parting, careless marry your ringwashed sent to the same sewer again saved his rare , have provedthat we are destined to be separated from the pair. So, when youare playing a child temperament, ignore you enough. Is not to saythat men are the Glass Ceiling of children? You want to break up,let you look downtown, free a few days. I would like to learntolerance, in order to take care of you after the two children.Have children, motherhood can lead people to maturity.

still remember? Day you say a lot of heavy words that look down onme, so many adults still such a heavy reliance on heart, whatthings count on you. I thought, Well, I will not tell you I havekids, and breaking up is also a man picking up, to the time youwill think I am very strong想知道天龙八部私服长久服, praise me.

Every time we break up, but no more than a month I'll come to youcrying and can last this time no, not strange? Because the breakingup of the day, I already know himself pregnant with ourchild.

"If all this is that if it is not?" Children crying out loud.

" how can there be so many lives, if. "I am afraid I do not want tomention, do not want to open a long-buried feelings.

"If you come to me, I tell you 你看天龙八部私服内测I do not love that person, justbecause you have to shock them, and have children, big belly hidingdo not live and want to do for the names of individuals marriedfather? "

"Of course, his former baby going to marry someone else will surelycome to ask questions." choking child is much heavier.

child excited, almost untenable. Hold me her hand, "Really? Youreally come to see me?" I sighed.

will certainly come to you, but if you really love, I will blessyou, child. So I have peace of mind.

"you answer me."

"He really had such a person. I ask you, if a three-month breakwhen Viagra is to tell you I am ready to get married, how would youdo? will come to me, I do not want to marry it?" " br> "howthe?"

Tong Suddenly the nose an acid, shed tears.

"that's it."

"Wei told you?"

"does not it? you ready to quibble?"

"We broke up three months, I married?"

I sneer at her.

" Can not you rely on to live? and I broke up less than threemonths on the two married, Viagra, and his sentence is not breakingup, you are most rely on to live a ! "

boy frowned, looking at me:" What did you say? I is unreliablepeople? "

" is that you are all conscience, said he would also like to howyobreakingu, no matter how many years he was sentenced to punishment, andyou do not even went after him, at least not now break ah. how likeyou this woman unsympathetic, so the reality! I have calculatedthat a clear understanding of what sort of person you are, andfortunately, did not at that time, and Hello, I know that you areso unreliable people, really toasted, each fly. "

"yes ... ..." Kid looked at me Yuyanyouzhi, "Never not to mention."

"how, Wei took so much enthusiasm you have to eventually acquitted,and you still think he has done is not good enough?"

"You do not mention the things I have been off okay, you ask, Iwill not see him."

"did you have been off when the Wei how to save you, do youremember?"

Tong cold-blooded, heartless.

"we did not quarrel It is breaking up. "

"We used to things not mentioned. go, we go to Viagra."

"You want to say, I told is so wayward hurt your heart?"

"how do you become like this? and Wei argue it? he is now mostneeded you, you still headstrong, he will take more sad ah ......"

"going your own to go, I do not."

"these things are clear to the wai sent to the bar, just, I alsowanted to test the waters him, starting with us, and now go, youcan drive at night to." Tong to take plastic bags to wrap things ,and then thrown into the corridor's dustbin.

"you are his girlfriend, how does not look at 天龙八部Viagra, let him greattrouble. "boy raised his head, Aiming I look at it, sneer of" Well,"a cry, and continue to do things.


"Wei out of events, how can you not tell me, what I helped do thelast busy?"

to go, before I went to a children's home. Do not know if childrenin the city of suspense of waiting XX outcome of the trial, or toremain in their own homes. However, first went to a trip天龙八部私服内测服怎么玩, if thechild can also join me and took me to see Wei. Children even athome. She is packing a few at home a few things like Viagra.Variable childhood, from her face seemed to see that hit thescene.

"Well, I help you pack to pack a change of cloth, you do not hurryback, more help to help him make the point force. "J其实uing still soreasonable.

"Viagra has had so great, and I actually do not know, I have to goXX City, immediately set off."

However, it was not long before, how the trouble out? The childrenwere detained, and is different from Viagra has been on the court,it appears that sentencing is a XXXXX not leave 10, but sentencelength issues. Children how to do? The second loss of love, shewould calmly accept or indulge themselves?

In all fairness, there is no child, then I, and Wei was a goodbuddy. Wei and I though a different character: a sensitivity ofstrength, a bold aesthetic, but we get along well. I do sales, Weiright to do business is very interested in speculativeconversation. Wei strong self-esteem, the height particularly mind,love wholeheartedly after the failure of the input work, and even -very much seek personal gain - this is not bad, and now thissociety requires so that it can mix Chuming Tang. Know the childrenand Viagra together, I would like to, apart from short-wai, othersare worthy of children's. He did not I have fun, careless, happychild should be able to give.

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